STYLE GURU BIO: La Zyrick "Zee" Middlebrooks

STYLE GURU BIO: La Zyrick "Zee" Middlebrooks

Fashionistas… What’s good? My name is La Zyrick Middlebrooks; you all can call me Zee. I was born and raised in the Windy City, Chicago. I am currently an undergraduate student at Syracuse University majoring in human development with a minor in information management and technology. Also at SU, I am the president of the student organization Fashion’s Conscience, where students with an interest in any facet of fashion come together to host an annual fashion show on campus.

When it comes to any outfit I wear, I start from the ground up. To me, what is on your feet wraps a bow on your entire outfit. If the shoes do not work, they can cancel out the entire ensemble. One day, I wanted a shoe color that I did not have in my wardrobe, so I painted the ones that I had. I started customizing sneakers about a year ago. Sometimes you have to create what you can’t have.

I view my wardrobe as a blank canvas to express myself on the daily basis. I like to look at GQ magazines, runway shows, and hours of Tumblr to discover new fashion trends that can make their way to my closet.

My fashion is the gateway to my personality. My style has a heavy athleisure aesthetic. It intertwines my love of sneakers with comfort and sophistication, making it a subtle slay.

Here, with this outfit, I wanted to do a combat-inspired look.The bodywarmer resembles a bulletproof vest, so I took advantage of that. Underneath, I am wearing a T-shirt that gives the pop of color that this all-black outfit needed. It also helps that it within the military color scheme. These are my favorite black jeans, and the high-waist component goes well with the material of the bodywarmer. To complete the look, I am wearing a pair of black Timberlands.