STYLE GURU BIO: Kylie McMurray

June 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Not knowing how to show off my creative side was always a frustration that ran through my mind the past few years. I knew that art was not my calling, but there was no other way.

I grew up with three brothers so I was never into getting all dolled up in the fashion world. I have always been a consumer (apologies to my parents) and have had an obsession with shoes and clothes ever since I was a kid, but it was not until I got to college when I had friends asking me what I thought of their outfits that I realized I too, had a passion for fashion. Of course, when I was asked for advice on what to wear out or to a specific occasion, I was wondering why in the world were my friends asking me but this soon became a dream of mine—to be a stylist. I would get to have other humans act as my canvas! Putting outfits together, for either men or women, that consist of the latest fads or hottest trends, is how I showcase this side of me.

Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” This is one of the many reasons fashion is so appealing to me, because you can show your personality and who you are by the style you choose to live by. The photos above show the edginess and creativeness in who I am. Wearing all black (a normal go-to of mine) with a denim jacket gave me a simple, understated look that I could have worn for anything. The booties were a fun accessory that added spunk to this rad look and I layered with denim to gain substance. Denim can be worn for a casual, grunge look and that is exactly what I was going for here. I added a topknot with some heart-eye sunnies for fun and to show just how laid back this look is. Like I said before, I never spent a lot of time getting ready when I was younger and I still live by this (most of the time), but this look is very quick and easy to pull off and you will be ready for wherever your day brings you.

I enjoy experimenting with my style by bringing the old in with the new. I often combine vintage and modern styles to help me pull off my casual, grungy, boho looks and I am always in search of new trends that I can add to my wardrobe. I search for these trends mainly by observing what others are wearing. Seeing others’ styles and how they promote themselves is an awesome way to discover who you are and what you may like or dislike.

So with that, I will be going out on a Style Guru search for fashions, advice and tips that will help all of you bring together a style that speaks for you!!