STYLE GURU BIO: Kyle Kerchaert

September 3rd, 2016 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU BIO: Kyle Kerchaert

Hello, fashion enthusiasts! My name is Kyle, and I am kicking off my last year at George Washington University studying journalism. Some of my earliest memories are of me painting my face with my mother’s lipstick and hiding in my older sister’s closet while trying on her clothes. Dress up was always my favorite pastime. Imagine my excitement when I figured out I could turn fashion, my playtime, into a career! I hope to end up working in editorial at a women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, but until then, I’m excited to spend my days tracking down the hottest Fashionistas and Fashionistos across Washington D.C.

With my personal style, I like to honor my gender-neutral name. My wardrobe is a mix of hard and soft, playing with the lines between feminine and masculine. I prefer minimal pieces with interesting details and in a neutral color palette. However, I praise shades of denim and mauve, among others, as the new neutrals. My sworn-by style secrets are to always have a pair of sunglasses and a tube of lipstick handy. If you catch me without either, it is not my day.

This breezy Zara shirtdress is a great example of the pieces I’ve had a hard time taking off this summer. The garment updates the traditional menswear silhouette with a tie-waist and leg slits. Sewn in a powder blue swingy fabric, the cropped maxi is perfectly casual for running around in the summer heat. The peek-a-boo skin from the adjustable neckline and leg slits mean it’ll keep an evening date guessing, too. I kept this dress ready for daytime with simple, graphic accessories. The strappy Franco Sarto leather sandals, matching bracelet, and round frames with a goggle detail add structure to a flowy silhouette. I picked up this particular set of sunglasses on a whim from the French Market in New Orleans, but since I’ve spotted famous faces such as Gigi Hadid and Beyoncé sporting similar styles. Lesson learned—don’t be afraid to play with new shapes!

My love for neutrals intuitively feeds into my particular love for fall fashion. This season, I’ll be most intrigued by creative layering of pieces with interesting cuts or details. I also love playing with fabrics and textures. The influx of velvet, leather and fur on the streets will be sure to catch my eye, and I’ll report my favorite finds back to you.

Most of all, I’m looking forward to voicing my fashion philosophy. I believe fashion is for everyone, whether you’re decked in straight-off-the-runway garb or shopping the clearance section of your local factory store. Money can buy designer, but it can’t necessarily buy style. What’s most important is that you let go, have fun with your style and experiment whenever possible.