Where does the time go, folks? I still can’t believe I have been a Style Guru for a year now. Shoot, I still can’t even believe I am halfway finished with my undergrad career at Syracuse! Since last summer, it is definitely safe to say my style has evolved big time. I learned the value of adding accessories and layering your looks, and these concepts have become the rules I live by. This summer I am back again to share the knowledge and wealth with you folks. So whether you have been reading the page for a while, or this is your first time checking it out, stick around. There are some pretty cool things going on around here!

In some ways, my CollegeFashionista experience has tracked the evolution of my style, but to be completely honest, this is the evolution of myself, too. It’s so crazy how freshman year feels like decades ago and yesterday all at once. It is very safe to say I am not the same person I was then; I am a better student and far more comfortable in my own skin and style. CollegeFashionista has had a lot to do with this, too. I have become a more intelligent shopper and stylist. For a lot of that, I can thank the awesome fashion bloggers I keep up with everyday including my fellow Style Gurus who kill the game! And where would I be without the cool kids who dress to the nines everyday on campus?

Speaking of nostalgia, the look of the ’90s is king in fashion right now, and I kind of live for it. It was only right that I throw on some simple hoop earrings to complement the look without having my accessories compete with the top. Finally, I threw on my favorite shorts from Forever 21 that have surprisingly lasted me years. I elongated their life span when I put on my DIY hat, took a pair of scissors to them and added a distressed look to the pair. Once again the ’90s rule with the high-rise and light wash of the denim. The most important thing I look for in a piece of clothing is versatility. For the look today, I threw on my favorite mini dress and tied it up to be a midriff-baring top. With this technique I was able to keep the print that I love without spending a single dollar. One thing you can always depend on is some form of indigenous print clothing trending in the summer time; it’s like floral print for spring. I knew this statement making piece would be a perfect way to kickoff the season.