STYLE GURU BIO: Kristina McInnis

Hello Fashionistas/os! I am Kristina; my friends call me Kristy because Kristina has always sounded like an old lady’s name to me. I am blogging for my third semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and could not be more excited to share with you a little about my summer escapades. I go to Oregon State University, which is in the state right above California for those of you who haven’t traveled there. I just switched my minor, so now I am officially a merchandising management major with a business entrepreneurship minor, which sounds pretty fancy when people ask. I enjoy long walks to the fridge and my coffee as black as night. You can always find me at the nearest coffee shop or pretending to study while I scroll through my social media feeds (sorry, mom).

This summer I will be interning at Sseko Designs, which is a fashion brand based in Uganda. It is a remarkable company that helps women in poverty pursue their dreams by providing employment and scholarship opportunities. They have sent 71 women to universities and provided employment to a team of 50 women as well as access to a comprehensive social impact program. The company’s headquarters are based in Portland, Oregon, so I will get to stay close to home! My position this summer is the style and content intern, where I will get to help with social media platforms and work alongside other interns.

As far as my style goes, it honestly depends on if it is raining! During the work week, I stay true to rockin’ all my athletic gear unless I have some type of Alpha Phi sorority event that requires some fancy high heels. The weekend is a time for me to let loose and wear my tied body suits and printed dresses. As far as my makeup routine goes, I am all about the Becca highlighter and Kat Von D contour plate—the more blended the better. I look forward to seeing all of the other Style Gurus’ posts and staying in touch with everyone through Instagram! My Instagram is @kristinacatherine33; see you on the flip side.