STYLE GURU BIO: Kristina Dehlin

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Kristina Dehlin and I will soon be a senior at Illinois Wesleyan University studying Philosophy and English. As an avid fashion blog reader, I’m so excited to try my hand at it as a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista!

I’m just finishing up a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where fashion has been a huge part of my cultural experience. I’ve taken a fashion class here to learn about the distinct Danish style that I’ve found myself so influenced by. I dress completely different in Denmark than in the U.S. In Denmark, social equality has a big impact on style, which results in minimalistic, sleek ensembles of nearly all-black. The idea is that no one stands out too much. Still, everyone in Copenhagen looks so stylish and put together. I definitely sought out similar pieces in an effort to not stand out around the city. In fact, I’ve seen myself being heavily influenced by the local style of every place I’ve traveled this semester; I’ve worn plaid in Scotland, bought a trench coat in England and packed bright whites for Greece. It has taught me that fashion is not only fun, but it is also a large part of understanding people and the places they come from.

I’m interested to see which European styles I’ll work into my everyday wardrobe in the U.S., but the outfit in this post is definitely one that I would very typically wear at home in Illinois. My style is often very girly with lots of layers and accessories, but I’m also super into thrift shopping, which adds a broader mix to my wardrobe.

I’m looking forward to continuing my observations of the style of my peers, but this time in my own hometown! You’ll get to see what I find in my articles here.