STYLE GURU BIO: Kristin Vartan

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fashion isn’t just what I wear; it’s who I am.

From dressing my Barbie dolls at six years old to dressing myself, I’ve always thought of bodies as canvases. What a person wears says a lot about their personality, where they come from and who they want to be.

My style embodies just that. Mix classic cool with preppy and a little bit of edge and you have me, my style and I. I love pairing a clothing item as hardcore as black leather panel pants with something as delicate as a cashmere sweater with a collared shirt underneath. The look is well balanced, just like my personality. While I am a girly girl, I have a strong side to me that is both business-ready and edgy.

Where do I come from? I am a first year Pepperdine University journalism student. I am ridiculously in love with the written word: storytelling and telling stories. You can find me at one end of pen and paper as a writer and on the other end as an avid reader.

Who do I want to be? One day, I see myself as the editor of a fashion magazine in New York City. Whether it was flipping through my mother’s endless issues of Vogue or making my own mock magazines on printer paper, I began showing symptoms of the fashion bug when I was five. During my sophomore year of high school, I made the official decision to start turning my passion for fashion and writing into a career. I served on the Nordstrom BP. Fashion Board my senior year, have my own personal fashion blog and am currently the assistant online editor of my university’s newspaper.

I look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest of Pepperdine’s fashion trends. Our campus has a wonderful fashion diversity that springs from our surf culture and eclectic student body. You can find me among them, wearing my personality, where I come from and who I want to be.