STYLE GURU BIO: Korey Dupont

I recently transplanted myself from my local university in Worcester, Massachusetts to attend Queens College, CUNY in the strange, wonderful world of New York City. I proudly leased my first apartment the end of June and quickly let myself become accustomed to my new environment. I began working in Downtown Brooklyn, and while it certainly helps me stay up-to-date on trends, I try to stay ahead of the curve by always experimenting with color and pattern, retro and modern influences or the texture and cut of my outfits. I maintain visual interest with a focus on the details…and I don’t shy away from a bold lipstick or colorful eyeshadow.

My style is dynamic—a mix of bohemian vibes and a sort of refined-grunge, or androgynous outfits with feminine details. I gravitate toward button up shirts and pieces with an element of intrigue: denim with a print, backless dresses or light embellishment. I love designers like Marc Jacobs, Free People, Current Elliot and Rag & Bone—as long as they’re in the clearance department. I was diagnosed with scoliosis a year ago, and since then I have been attempting to transition my shoe collection into a more supportive direction without compromising style. When I get dressed in the morning, I plan an outfit that I can easily transition from day to night if necessary but always with a focus on comfort. My dress in these photos is a perfect layering piece for jewelry or jackets, in a pseudo-neutral color with a retro-inspired fit that works with various styles. As much as I love heels, I compromise with wedges when going out but my feet thank me at the end of the night.

The only thing rivaling my obsession with fashion is my love for makeup. I loved helping people learn about what works for them or how they can best tailor a trend to themselves. I view makeup as a creative avenue to discovering your own style, as it allows you to embrace something that appeals to you but may be out of your comfort zone, like navy lipstick, and realize that you can rock it, and others will notice your confidence, too. My favorite part of this community is the inspiration and feedback you can receive when you are open to it, so never hesitate to reach out to me!