Hey there Fashionistas/Fashionistos! I am so excited to say I’ll be keeping it rad over the summer as a returning Style Guru for the amazing campus of East Carolina University (go Pirates!) For those of you unfamiliar with my articles, my name is Kira Lewis. I’ll be a junior in the fall and I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business. Over the past year, I have learned to draw inspiration from many of my surroundings; different artist, nature and architecture have caused my closet to evolve and overflow. Not to mention all of the stylish Style Gurus I can grab ideas from through CollegeFashionista!

Summertime is here and it seems to be in full affect because the sun has come out of hiding over the past few weeks. This is the best time of the year because, hello! — NO SCHOOL! What more could you ask for other than soaking up the sun, going to the beach and enjoying your friends and family while being free to wear whatever you want and not have to think about if you’ll freeze because you wanted to wear that dress. The summertime allows for bright colors, shorter lengths and bold prints. This is the best time of the year to try out a new look before school starts back!

For my outfit today, I went with a few statement items I love during the summer. I cannot live without these amazing high-waisted ripped jeans and the light wash is perfect to not attract too much heat on a sunny day. I then paired it with a tie-dye crop top. Sometimes I have second thoughts about my outfit but I decide to throw on this teal cardigan. The color adds a pop to my outfit; plus if I get cold indoors, it makes for a functional and fabulous piece. I finished off my outfit with these adorable booties which can make any outfit complete.

Fashion changes every year, season, month and day. How could someone not want to be a part of the wondrous world of fashion? To follow different trends is one thing but to try them is the way to becoming an epic Fashionista.