As a girl who will never be able to have a big enough closet, who believes you can never over accessorize and who is an avid lover of social media, I could not be more excited to be interning as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. Currently, I am a junior at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, pursuing a triple major in Marketing Management, Business Communications and Business Leadership and Management with a minor in Communications and Journalism. Just back from a semester abroad, studying business at the University of London, I am looking forward to returning to see what fashion trends and styles my campus holds for me to discover.

Growing up I was never the girl who preferred to wear comfy sweatpants and a T-shirt to class, but rather, I would have a full outfit with shoes and accessories laid out before bed each night. From color coordinating my makeup with the colors of my outfit to styling my hair in a complimentary fashion, I truly love assembling a unique outfit each day. My style changes daily and I enjoy that fashion allows an individual to be someone new each day; while one day I will create an edgy outfit featuring dark colors and heavy accessories, while the next day I will want to be dressed in a pink dress with lace and ruffle details.

Whether it is an edgy, bohemian, or classic style, I always try to put my own twist on each outfit and I enjoy pushing myself outside my own fashion comfort zone. Although there have been many times I have put on what I thought would be a new, trendy look and it turns out to be a disaster, I have also created new, unique styles that are tailored to my fun and far fetching personality. Though, no matter what style or trend I wear each day you will not ever catch me without my rings accessorizing each outfit. While my collection started many years ago with only one cross ring, it has grown to 10 rings that are all unique in size, shape and color that adorn my outfit each day. As much as my rings are a staple in my outfits, I almost always try to add a pop of color into each outfit too, however, if I am about to walk out and realize my outfit is lacking that certain pop of color, I will grab my bright red, winter coat to complete my look for the day.

With a vast collection of shoes, almost all of which are high-heeled, a jewelry chest filled with bold, statement necklaces, layering bracelets and more studded earrings than one can imagine and clothing from just about every store ranging from small boutiques to high end department stores, I see each outfit I wear as a statement of who I want to be each day and I cannot wait to see that in the Fashionistas/os around my campus, too.