STYLE GURU BIO: Kiara Argueta

STYLE GURU BIO: Kiara Argueta

Hey there Fashionistas! My name is Kiara Argueta and I am in my senior year at Johnson & Wales University where I’m studying fashion merchandising and retail marketing. This is my first semester as a Style Guru and I couldn’t be more excited! I can’t wait to get a taste of what it’s really like being a fashion blogger through this experience and meeting new people.

I am fortunate enough to not only be from the sunniest state, but also go to college here! I go to the Johnson & Wales University North Miami campus. I can tell you that Miami is very different from suburban Florida but this difference has probably been the biggest learning experience of all. The college experience is usually about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. For me this was just adjusting to the city life. Like many other college freshmen, I became overwhelmed with all the changes and independence that I wanted to just give it all up and go home to my family! But they are precisely the reason I came to college, so a quick call home set me straight. Now this crazy, beautiful, unique city is like a second home.

I’m from the sunshine state where it never gets cold. Living in Florida means that I can wear summer clothes year-round, except for those two weeks per year when the temperature drops below 70 degrees.This influences my style a lot because I never really have to change wardrobe for the season. I do not exaggerate when I say that Floridians wear flip-flops anywhere, any day, any time.

That being said, I would say my personal style is a combination of comfortable and cute. Since I began college, I’ve noticed myself transitioning away from jeans and towards freeing my legs with dresses and skirts. Nowadays I always appear as if I’m putting the most effort into my look. But don’t let that fool you, I basically live in the clearance sections and bargain stores with absolutely no shame. Overall, I can say I’ve never felt better.

I like to spend my spare time getting inspired on Pinterest and Instagram. Or listening to the music of Ed Sheeran, Zayn and One Direction. And now I can add writing for CollegeFashionista to the list! Here’s to having a RAD semester.