STYLE GURU BIO: Kennedy Smith

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello there, beautiful Internet people! I’m Kennedy Smith, a freshman and public relations major at the University of Florida. Yes, it is hot. No, we do not have seasons. But that’s all part of the appeal of the swamp, right?

If we’re going to be friends there are a few things you should know about me. Besides all the standard “fashion girl” obsessions: shoes, Olivia Palermo, French bulldogs, Gossip Girl, I would say my style is defined by my love of Wes Anderson films, the color pink, Parisian style and the ’60s. Yes, Jane Birkin, I’m talking about you. My diet consists strictly of green tea, avocados, miso soup (broth only), sushi and macarons (this is a joke, obviously…I eat French fries sometimes too).

I believe you should always leave the house fully done–something I’ve learned from my mother, I suppose. As cliché as it sounds, the world is your runway/ stage/ whatever, and every second you waste not fully in love with yourself or not feeling your best is a moment so tragically wasted. That thought, along with the fact I totally just do not enjoy wearing pants, usually leaves me in a dress or skirt… particularly this dress I’ve been lusting over and finally purchased. Pointy toe flats, like those in the picture above, are practically glued to my feet and if there aren’t pearls in my ears then I probably lost one and am in my car on the way to buy more… an episode that happens way more than I care to admit.

I tend to be inspired by anything and everything, including my fellow College Fashionistas. I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing a bit of my brain with you all and hope you can get something out of these posts–a laugh, inspiration, maybe a tear…That’d be weird. But I do not condemn you if it happens. Beautiful clothes tend to be a tearjerker.