STYLE GURU BIO: Kelly Hooper

STYLE GURU BIO: Kelly Hooper

Writer. Redhead. Go-getter.

Picture fashion. What exactly do you see? Often society pictures the fast paced lifestyle of a model running down a brightly lit runway anywhere from Milan to Paris to New York City or sketches on one of the great designers’ notepads. But take a step back, take just one more look into the mirror that I know you’ve already looked at fifty times today to make sure everything is just so so, and know you are fashion. Fashion is style and you have a style. We all do, and they are all unique, influenced by our lives and personalities. I’m Kelly Hooper and I’m so incredibly excited to share my view on style with y’all.

My style has been affected by a plethora of things. Perhaps one of the greatest being I’ve moved so much, 10 times to be exact. And one of my favorites is I was born in the land of Cowboy boots and sundresses, good ol’ Atlanta, Georgia. This is before moving to the “Beach, Beach let’s go get away” of Florida and then California to change it all up again. I lived in the sweater weather of Washington and spent tons of time in Missouri and Tennessee. All these places have such a diverse fashion sense. You’ll find me wearing preppy clothes one day, then dressing edgy the next, then wearing a completely different outfit the day after that. One thing that will never change is my passion for high heels and a genuine smile. Being 5-foot-2, they are a charm.

Honestly, I see fashion as livable art so just be brave and rock it. If you like my articles feel free to share it, like it, love it. With your heels as high as your spirit and as amazing as your dreams, fight for whatever your heart desires no matter how far off it may seem.