STYLE GURU BIO: Keirra Webster

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Stop right there and look no further. You’ve stumbled upon something that will change your life, well, at least, I hope it will. I’m sure you’re wondering as to how this one simple article will change your life so I guess I will kill the anticipation and just begin. My name is Keirra Webster, yes webster like the dictionary, and I am from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’m sure most people think we are just a bunch of cowboys and Indians, but to that I say “watch a Thunder game!.”

Anyways, I’m an 18-year-old who just finished her first semester of college at the University of Central Oklahoma, but after a lot of hard thinking, I decided that New York was the place for me to be. I was originally accepted for the fall semester at Pace University, but I deferred thinking I was so not ready. Which, in all honesty, I was not; however, throughout this past semester I realized that if fashion journalism/styling is what I want to do then I had to spread my wings and fly the coop. I am in the process of doing this as we speak (or you read), but enough about my ever changing life lets get to the fashionable bits.

For me, fashion is something that when I was so unsure of who I was it gave me an outlet to be whoever, whenever and that’s how I would consider my personal style. My style is a combination of simply everything whether that be grunge, preppy, boho-chic, simplistic, tomboy-chic etc. It is solely based on the mood that I am in when I wake up.

In this particular outfit, I went with a more simplistic look with a touch of edge to give it just a tad bit more pizazz (fun word to use). I love the little effort it takes when getting ready in the morning, to just throw on some fitted skinny jeans, a basic tee, a bold jacket and some comfy but bold boots, and that’s simply all it takes to create an effortlessly chic look. These specific skinny jeans are my absolute favorite because they not only are fitted so they feel like a second skin, but they still are able to move around with you on the off chance you have to bust a split. The basic white shirt is a shirt you could find anywhere for less than ten dollars which is perfect for that college student living on a budget. Of course we can’t forget the main course, the ultimate staple piece, the silver studded jacket. It took any simple look, as such, to the next level. However, as much as the jacket brought the look to ultimate peaks, the shoes rounded it out. I finished my look by accessorizing with some simple jewelry, one long gold necklace, a few midi rings and long earrings.

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