STYLE GURU BIO: Kaylan Burns

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! As a college student, I have had many new and exciting experiences so far this year and I would like to share how ecstatic I am to begin my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.

I am a freshman at the University of Rhode Island studying Textiles Merchandising & Design and Public Relations. As a student in the heart of New England, I find myself surrounded by fresh viewpoints on all things pop culture. With Providence only a short bus ride away and Boston and New York City closer than I could have ever hoped, I anticipate my college years to be filled with adventure, and most importantly clothes, lots and lots of clothes.

My style can be summarized as anything that I feel makes me stand out from the average fashion student. Lately, I like things that are on the darker side, a bit grungier if I do say so myself. But as trends change, so do my looks. I get my inspiration for my daily looks directly from the runway, or even sometimes from my multitude of Pinterest boards.

I am inspired by the average college student like myself, because though New England gets colder and colder as the months go on, my fellow students never fail to impress me with how they put themselves together. I have recently found a passion for fashion blogging. And with my love for photography I have completely thrown myself into following the world of high fashion where I admire the daily updates of fashion bloggers like Danielle Bernstein and Courtney Trop.

Every Thursday is my designated Project Runway day and I find great joy in doing hair and makeup for my friends. I am a vegetarian who loves to eat and try new things, whether it be mixing up my eye makeup for the day or watching a new series on Netflix.

I have always been one to find beauty in the unusual, and as the semester progresses, I hope to enlighten the CollegeFashionista readers with a fresh look of everyday fashion around my campus.