STYLE GURU BIO: Kayla Martin

My name is Kayla Martin and I’m a junior anthropology major with a double minor in public relations and world history at York College of Pennsylvania. I love listening and discovering new music to dance around to in my outfits after my shopping sprees. In my free time, I like to photograph and explore new places such as boutiques and consignment stores, but mostly I like to just explore in general. I enjoy buying clothes from the thrift store and tweaking them into a more modern look. This past semester, I had the pleasure of interning for CollegeFashionista, and I have learned to become a better writer. In fact, I have even become an intern for another website to write articles. I hope to one day write fashion blogs for a high-end fashion company but, with my major, I aspire to be an archaeologist. When I learn about other cultures it inspires me and allows me to be more of an open-minded person. Sometimes I even incorporate some of the older trends that I observe in other cultures into my looks. Since lately I have been more inspired than I usually am, I am more enthusiastic to start another season on the CollegeFashionista team.

My passion and interest in fashion keeps on growing, there is not a day that goes by where I am not getting inspired by a fashion trend. Now, that I have been exposed to a variety of diverse and culturally influenced styles I have even expanded my own personal sense of style. I have used accessories that I normally would not incorporate into my looks. My style can be described as modern bohemian with a grunge flare. I love using fashion as a way to express myself in a unique way. I hope to aspire and inspire those of you in the CollegeFashionista community once again.