STYLE GURU BIO: Katja Gronert

It’s a dreary, drizzly day here as I write this post. I will readily admit that I am not an expert; in fact, some may even say I hardly know anything about fashion. I learned about my own personal style and about fashion the long, hard way by changing my style every few months and endlessly people-watching. I eventually discovered that I no longer needed to follow trends and be at the whim of some writer for some magazine like Vogue, so I threw popular fashion ideas into the rubbish bin and just stopped caring about what others thought of my choices. At that moment I truly became a sort of stylist. I observed other people in the trade, began watching for more obscure designs and fabrics and studied as much of the evolution of fashion as possible. Until very recently, I let my talents waste away as I made thousands of sketches and cultivated my unique style personality. Then, I seriously began to consider a career in the industry and applied to be a Style Guru, pleasantly surprised that I was accepted into the program.

While I cannot offer you the knowledge honed by someone knowledgeable about big house labels and what is new this season, I can provide in my own perspective, a guide to classic and essential designs that I believe should be a staple in every person’s wardrobe and maybe even some fashion-forward outfits that will become popular in the future. So don’t take notes, just listen and put on a cap that says “Who cares? It’s only fashion.”