STYLE GURU BIO: Katie Tavierne

Hello Fashionistas! My name is Katie Tavierne and I am currently a Communication Studies Major at the University of Michigan with a minor in Art & Design. As this is my first semester as a Style Guru, I truly could not be more excited to share my passions for style, art and blogging with you all on this amazing fashion forum!

Living in the heart of Ann Arbor for the past three years at the University of Michigan has been real dream for someone as fashion-obsessed as myself, as the city is home to some of the most unique Fashionistas in all the Midwest. From super hipster to ultra-chic, the artsy and luxurious vibes of Ann Arbor attract individuals from all over the country with the most extraordinary style that I can’t wait to share with my readers. As for my place as a student here at the university, I hope to pursue a career in either fashion PR or marketing with my comm major, while also utilizing my design minor in order to give my work an artsy edge.

For as long as I can remember, my go-to form of creative expression has always been through my choice of clothes and personal style. I feel as though fashion is the most purposeful form of art, as it gives instant communication about who an individual is and what they’re feeling. I absolutely love how clothes can communicate in ways that are powerful in a much different way than words and body language alone and I believe that is what has really sparked my interest and passion in the industry.

While my personal style tends to vary quite a bit, I would describe it as simple and laid back with a little bit of edge. My look displayed here is what you would find me in on a typical day adventuring around Ann Arbor, featuring a black oversized linen T-shirt paired with classic Levi high-waisted shorts. I like to keep my style relatively comfy yet trendy and I like my look to be mostly neutral beside one accessory, like my leopard slip-on sneakers! I also rarely leave home without my favorite piece of jewelry, my rose-gold Michael Kors watch.

During my semester here at CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru, I hope to not only develop my blogging writing style and fashion photography skills, but also to inspire my peers with the exciting and unique style happening all over Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan’s campus.