STYLE GURU BIO: Kathryn Reaven

Hi there, Fashionistas/os! Once again, my name is Kathryn Reaven and I am a senior at The Fashion School, Kent State University majoring in fashion merchandising with a minor in marketing. I have been with CollegeFashionista for six semesters, even though it feels like yesterday I started typing my first bio. Like they say, I guess, all good things must come to an end. With that, I am so sad to say that this is my final semester as a Style Guru Intern for CollegeFashionista. As difficult it is to say that, I have nothing but wonderful things to look back on.

The past five semesters with this site have changed me, to say the least. The growth I have made these past two years have really shaped my views and values within the fashion industry. It also doesn’t hurt going to one of the most renowned fashion schools in the country, where I’m constantly around creative individuals. Even looking back on my first STYLE GURU BIO and posts after, I have seen immense change in my writing skills and my photography. I have even seen change in my personal style, shying away from always wearing band T-shirts, even though that’s still my go-to, swapping sneakers for a pair of boots, accessorizing more and even getting to wear pieces designed by friends (Thank you, Jaanai for letting me show off this coat in my bio!). The truth is that CollegeFashionista is a huge reason I am where I am with the opportunities I have received in and out of The Fashion School. Without them, I would never have been able to have the chance to intern in New York, hold the position of Social Media Coordinator for The Fashion School’s annual fashion show, be featured on various panels within Kent State and grace the pages of Seventeen.

Truth be told, CollegeFashionista made me so much more confident writing, in photography and when meeting new people. The concrete friendships and partnerships I’ve been able to gain through this site are uncountable. It’s bittersweet writing my last STYLE GURU BIO, but I am beyond thankful for everything this site has given me. As my steps into adulthood start at the end of the semester, I hope to work in the industry in the realm for marketing, social media, public relations and digital content strategy.

What I’ve taken from my college career and even my time as a Style Guru, you have to take it day by day and always take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. You can only look onward, and with that, I’m really excited for another semester of learning, observing, interacting and immersing myself with CollegeFashionista.