STYLE GURU BIO: Katherine Shkreli

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello there, universe. I go by the name Katherine Shkreli and I am a senior at Manhattanville College. This will sadly be my last STYLE GURU BIO. I am saying goodbye to college and hello to the real world. I’m not going to lie it is probably the most exciting terrifying thing that I am approaching. As a wee one, I would draw and draw for hours, sketches of dresses, jackets and shirts I would one day design. I continued this passion for years until I found my love for writing. I then changed my mind and decided that I would study Creative Writing at school and put my fashion dream aside. Then I came across CollegeFashionista and that changed everything. I was able to fuse my love for fashion with writing! Because of CollegeFashionista I have been able to be a Style Guru for the past three years. The internship took me out of my comfort zone and I would randomly walk up to people and talk to them about it. Then I would kindly ask them to be a part of it, and voila, I even made some new friends through it.

I would define my style as simplistic, but edgy and chic. If you were to take a peek inside my closet you would find a majority of black clothes. Then randomly you will spot some color. My family will constantly throw the quote, “Does this black match?” when I come downstairs wearing black on black on black. But, today, today will be different. Today, I am sporting a pair of black high-waisted skinny jeans. Tucked beneath the hem of my jeans is my new favorite David Bowie T-shirt. On top of my T-shirt, I am wearing a flannel.

It has been so cold in New York. I don’t want to freeze, so I’m wearing my blue and white checkered scarf. This scarf has been saving me through this winter. I call it my blanket scarf from how thick, soft and large it is. On top of the flannel to keep me extra warm and toasty is a classy black peacoat. For my shoes, I am wearing my all time favorite boots. I have probably worn these boots for all the STYLE GURU BIOS I have ever written. My last accessory would be my new Ray-Ban sunglasses thanks to Santa!

Though it is my last semester interning as a Style Guru and my last semester in general, I am extremely excited to see what destiny has in store for me. Let’s begin this new year with happiness, fortune and style!