STYLE GURU BIO: Katherine Munzer

Hello, I’m Kathy. I am currently a junior at the University of Kentucky studying both Accounting and Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles. I am a giant fan of most dumb jokes, small dogs and chili spaghetti. I’m also incredibly excited to start my first official Guru position here at CollegeFashionista. Fashion blogging has always been on my radar but I had never known where to start, and this was the perfect opportunity! I hope you all enjoy reading my posts just as much as I enjoyed making them!

At family functions, or any social function really, whenever someone asks what I want to do when I graduate (which is in two years *soft sobs*), I never have a concrete answer to give them. My only smidgen of a reply to their question is a career that combines my accounting, logical brain with my creative, dreamy brain in the best way possible, and that career path I have yet to discover. I have never been the ever-so put together type of girl, apparent by my grown out manicure and the fact that I grabbed my father’s Canon from him only a few days ago.

There’s a song by the artist Shwayze that I think describes my attitudes towards fashion, and pretty much all other aspects of life. He sings about a girl who is a “hippie girl one day,” and a “rock chick the next.” However I am feeling in the morning is how I will dress for the day, whether it be bohemian or preppy. The fashion industry is always changing, but my love for it is constant. My perpetually changing style choices comes hand in hand with my desires to go so many different ways within the fashion industry, hence my inability to have an answer to all those peers and family members who ask my post-grad plans.

These photos were taken at a small coffee shop in downtown Lexington, Kentucky by my star of a friend Morgan. My style in the summer tends to be a bit more relaxed and casual than how I dress during winter. My boyfriend shorts that are pictured are favorite my summer essential, like I wash them probably once a month because of how often I wear them. The distressed nature of these shorts pairs well with the summery yellow blouse, which gives off a slightly bohemian vibe. I’m not a huge jewelry wearer, I wear two silver rings on my left hand 24/7 and sometimes I’ll layer some necklaces, but that’s all I feel that I need most days.

Words cannot describe how pumped I am for this semester with CollegeFashionista to begin. I’m excited to share my personal style as well as my fashionable friends’ styles with everyone here!