STYLE GURU BIO: Katherine Chapman

Hello everyone! My name is Kate Chapman and I am a sophomore at Illinois State University where I am majoring in broadcast journalism. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a news reporter on TV one day. Something everyone quickly learns about me is that I am obsessed with makeup; some call me a makeup junkie. I currently work at Sephora which is quite fitting for my obsession with makeup. If I am not playing with makeup I am either getting fro-yo with my best friends or driving around with my golden retriever, Chloe, who happens to be shaved like a lion.

My entire life I have been drawn to the whole fashion scene. I have stacks upon stacks of magazines I have kept from forever ago that fed my passion for fashion. I remember always wanting the newest trends Limited Too put out and NEEDING to go to the mall right away. Not much has changed; I still love keeping up with the latest trends and shopping on a weekly basis (I am not kidding: I am at the mall every week). I find it fun to mix and match the different clothing pieces I have to create new outfits other people would’ve never thought to put together. I would say I have an ‘eye’ for new fashion trends and I find it fun to predict what the newest trends will be.

I would say my style is mostly chic and glam. You will almost always see me wearing one of my Michael Kors watches because that is a must-have for every outfit I wear. I am obsessed with neutral and pastel colors and everything gold. I have way too much black, white, and tan in my wardrobe but hey, I know what I like!

I am looking forward to learning more about the fashion world through this internship with CollegeFashionista. I feel this internship is a perfect fit for me since I love fashion and talking about it endlessly!

Thanks to everyone who stuck around to read this! I hope you have gained an idea of me and my journey with fashion! Check in every month to see the latest trends floating about in the college world I live in!