STYLE GURU BIO: Katelyn Merriman

My love for fashion came about when I was just a little girl. Making weekly trips to department stores with my mom to have fashion shows in the dressing rooms and inviting friends over to play dress up. As Ralph Lauren said, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.”

Either way, I knew that I loved what fashion is capable of doing for people; it transforms and brings out their inner beauty. Fashion is not just about what looks good on, but what makes someone feel beautiful on the inside too.

Just as a little girl blossoms into a young woman, my style has blossomed too. My style is simple: neutral colors with a splash of bright every now and then. I have a bit of a fierce side too which is why I chose to represent that by wearing my animal print booties. My style ranges based on my mood as well, so I can go from edgy to chic. I love pieces that make me feel confident and comfortable in my everyday life. My go-to pieces change depending on popular trends but right now my favourite go-to is something that I can pair with almost anything, my faithful black high-waisted pants.

Fashion is about what makes someone feel beautiful in their own skin. I am a firm believer that someone’s style should represent pieces which show off their unique factors and set them apart from the crowd. Every person is different but those differences are what makes one’s style so fabulous.

So to all of my Fashionistas/os, fashion is an expression of the inner self and never let that inner self be afraid to shine. I am beyond excited to share the fashion trends around James Madison with all of you. Cheers to this new stylish adventure!