January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey to all you RAD Fashonistas/os! I’m Kate and I’m a freshman at Pennsylvania State University. I’m currently in the college of Communications, and I’m planning on majoring in photojournalism. I chose Penn State because I wanted a really big school that I could call my home. I can’t wait to show you guys the beautiful campus as well as the beautiful people!

I have always loved everything that had to do with photography and cameras, which made me want to start my YouTube channel. My love for fashion and makeup is where I draw my inspiration from for my videos. I also have a lifestyle blog where I post about all of the fun adventures that I go on with my family and friends! I’m so excited to start photographing all of the stylish people on campus.

My heart has always been set on the path of fashion. When I was a little kid, I would collect old dresses from my cousins and save them for when my friends came over so we could put on a fashion show for my parents. I did dance as well, so I had a ton of costumes to choose from which made the fashion shows quite interesting!

I believe that personal style is ever-changing. I used to always dress very girly in dresses and skirts, but now my style has gone a little more towards grunge. I love black because it goes with everything! You can’t go wrong with chucking on a black sweater, some jeans and black booties. I think that it’s really important to dress comfortably as well, which is why heels only happen when they need to.

I hope you allow your style to change as you change, and maybe you will get some style inspiration from the people I photograph! I am so excited to start my first semester as a Style Guru, and I’m excited to show you all of the stylish students we have at Penn State! WE ARE!