Hello sunshine! Hello tan! Hello excessive Popsicle consumption! School is (finally) out for summer and I could not be more excited to leave the house every day wearing a minimal amount of clothing! I kid, but seriously, I thank my lucky stars each day for this wonderful season and it’s warm temperatures. Thank you for letting me take a break from pants and allowing me to wear shorts and a T-shirt for every single activity. Free! The! Legs! I can’t help but shed a lone tear while I fantasize about how life is simpler in a sundress. Summer, my one true love, this one goes out to you.

Comparable to a lot of my outfits I assemble during the school year, I draw inspiration and actually use pieces of clothing from my mother’s (retired) closet. This is where I snuck the floral blouse I’m wearing from. I have to hand it to her, that woman could DRESS in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. I tied the look together with denim, high-waisted shorts, a pair of open-toed sandals and some necklaces to accent the blouse’s deep V-neck.

My summer style doesn’t really deviate from my style for the other three seasons. The only difference in my apparel, I’d say, is the amount of black worn. Sadly, it does lessen in the summer, but it lest be forgotten! In this season, I tend to wear more floral prints, denim and anything free-flowing. I like to be as comfortable as possible, especially in the summer when the heat can be sometimes overwhelming. I can’t wait to document what inspires me this summer and as added incentive throughout yet another stylish adventure, I have made it my personal goal to be a shade tanner each time a post of mine goes live. Wish me luck and have a great summer!

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