Hey everyone! My name is Kate Beebe (pronounced as if you were to say “bee” twice in a row). My fashion goal is to keep people on their toes and to never be predictable. I range from city-chic to bohemian; I just try to keep it fresh, clean and simple because that’s me. I’m obsessed with rowing culture, green smoothies and the Jersey Shore (not the show). The best morning is one where I wake up with wavy hair that I did nothing to. Even better is when I start my day with a Dunkin’ Donuts latte that has the right ratio of caramel to coffee. It’s all about the simple things.

When it is not a floral or tie-dye print you find in my closet, it will be a neutral solid. I believe in the importance of a pure, simplistic look. My look here is all about whites, creams and tans (me included). My shirt is a textured V-neck from Urban Outfitters, and it is my go-to shirt for any occasion. I am sure your mom has told you once or twice in your life that white goes with everything, and I’m here to say that she’s right. It does, and it is quite necessary that you get this top of mine because I could not imagine my existence without it. It’s like a pet. That’s kind of a creepy comparison, but I’m sure you understand, fellow Fashionista.

Next is my jumper. I cease to be amazed with what I find at Free People, and this piece was one of  the best of them all. Never did I think that I would again be sporting the overall jumper look of my youth, but here I am again, and I’m honestly loving it. Best of all, this jumper comes in this light cream that transitions through all seasons as it can be paired with, not only white, but black for a sure fire cute look. Summer is all about cool, clean and effortless style, and this jumper truly encompasses that.

Shoes have always been my favorite part of completing every outfit. After finding and their AMAZING selection of summer sandals for hardly any cash, the splurge of the century took place and I obtained pairs upon pairs of shoes. The shoes pictured are a pair of tan, double strapped gladiator sandals with gold accents. They go with everything and with their chunky white sole, they add enough of an edge to spark interest.

This outfit is everything I crave in a daily summer look, and I hope you find it just as inspiring!