Hello you lovely people! I’m Kat, a Russian gal born in Moscow and raised in the suburbs of DC. I will be a freshman at NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study this semester, studying business, art and digital media. Much like my eccentric self-made program of study, my style is a dynamic mix of serious and seriously crazy.

My passion for art and rock ‘n’ roll reflects itself strongly in my style. I love to thrift for bold statement pieces and take inspiration from ’60s, ’70s and ’80s pop and rebel culture. I worship velvet and leather, high-heeled pumps, and Alexa Chung. From casual to formal, I always make sure to infuse my looks with a powerful energy. I believe that clothes are truly a vessel for the soul.

Aside from trying to dress like Mick Jagger or Sky Ferreira, I love to travel, act, make films and write music. I take part in Improv Theater and spend my free time filming comic skits on my Snapchat story. Some of my current favorite bands include Hinds, The Libertines, Kasabian, The 1975 and The Velvet Underground. My happy place is Camden Town, London and my favorite piece of jewelry is a ring in the shape of an eyeball.

Last summer I found an old cheerleading uniform at a thrift store in Greenwich Village and decided to wear it on the first day of school. Some people still talk about it. I’m super stoked to share my favorite looks with you this summer!