STYLE GURU BIO: Kara McCrudden

Hi everybody my name is Kara and I am a new Style Guru for summer 2016! I am going to be a senior this year at Stonehill College, but as of right now I’m just going to enjoy summer break (and try not to think about school). I am majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communications. I work at Anthropologie and I would probably best describe my style as versatile. I am always ready to try something new outfit-wise, and I love getting new ideas from fellow bloggers.

I think my favorite thing in the world is having doubts about a certain piece of clothing or look, and seeing someone else pull it off. In my opinion, anyone can pull off an outfit if they are confident, so why not try something a little different! I think it is important to always keep your style changing because your style reflects who you are as a person. You should let your style change with you as you grow. Working at Anthropologie has taught me so many things about putting together clothing to make the perfect outfit. There are multiple things you can do with one piece of clothing, you just need to get creative sometimes.

I recently got back from a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, which helped me see through the eyes of European Fashionistas. It is amazing to see how women and men dress all over the world. Throughout the semester I traveled to nine countries and over 22 cities in Europe, and I was given the chance to see different styles trending in other parts of the globe. Traveling is an amazing way to experience the ways people in different cultures live from food to fashion. I am very excited to begin my next journey as a Style Guru!

I think it is very important to know how to dress an outfit up or down. I decided to put together an outfit today that could be considered casual or dressed up, depending on the accessories used. Here, I went for a more dressed up look by wearing earrings and open-toed wedge booties as accessories. I paired a striped blouse with dark wash jeans to keep the look on the dressier side. If you wanted to make the look more casual, you could swap out the wedges for some sandals and even wear shorts instead of jeans! The staple of the outfit is the blouse, which has a nautical feel and is perfect for summer. It is light and comfortable enough to wear to a cookout or for a night out with friends. It all depends on how you choose to style it!

I am extremely excited about and grateful for the opportunity to be a Style Guru this summer and to share my fashion tips with you guys while also learning from other Fashionistas!