STYLE GURU BIO: Kaitlyn Kurisky

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Another semester down and another closer to graduation. With only three semesters left in my 18 year career as a student, I have lots of reasons to be celebrating this holiday season. One more reason I have to be merry is the fact that I leave in less than three weeks to study abroad in Rome! Since I started at Temple University, I’ve had my mind made up to live and study in Italy by the time I finished college. Three years of planning later, the time is finally here and I am no less excited by the idea of waking up to fresh cappuccinos and a view of the Vatican from my bedroom window.

Having started my life in Lancaster, then moving to Philadelphia and now Rome, my fashion inspiration comes from my many travel experiences, and the many eclectic people I have met. As a business management major, I like to dress semi-professionally because I think dressing the part helps you act the part. I like to say that if you dress well, you will do well and that’s why I will never take a test without putting on a skirt or a bright shade of lipstick. As a businessman, my dad always told me about the importance of dressing professionally but when I moved to Philly, I started to spice up my style based on the diversity of looks that the city offers.

As a part of CollegeFashionista and fashion and business club, I’ve gotten to visit art galleries, see local Fashion Shows and speak to people directly involved in the creation and advertising of fashion around the city. I am more aware of citywide and worldwide trends, as well as the artistic inspiration behind apparel. It’s helped me develop a personal style that is not just professional but more colorful and creative.

This look is a collection of many of these elements, with the Calvin Klein coat as the professional part and the rest having more flare. I am wearing American Eagle Outfitters navy blue pants, that I cuffed at the bottom to show off my Nine West brown leather booties which I adoringly wear everywhere since I love how they have the feel of a high heel and the comfort of a wedge. On top, I have on a white and gold blouse from H&M (my go-to store with its European trends) and a blue flowery scarf that is also an H&M find. I finished off the outfit with leather gloves because they are not only functional but have a chic old-fashioned feel that I love and sunglasses from Charming Charlie.