STYLE GURU BIO: Ka Lynn Robinson

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey Fashionistas/os!

I am a professional procrastinator, something about working under pressure and impending deadlines really motivates me to finish work.  I’ve probably spent way too many hours of my life scrolling on Tumblr and Instagram. I find shopping therapeutic; something about spending all my money on makeup calms me.  My sister is probably the coolest person you could ever meet. She wants to be a film major.  I have an outgoing black kitten named Carlyle. I’m majoring in Fashion and Retail at Lynn University in the beautiful sunny, sometimes rainy, South Florida.  I can’t handle anything colder than 70 degrees, but I want to move out of Florida when I graduate college. Do you see my issue?

I am the queen of clearance; you can catch me at your nearest sale rack finding the best piece for four dollars. I honestly believe fashion can be both affordable and sustainable. A lot of my cheap clothing has lasted for a while because I take the time to take care of my clothes. Yes that means I read the tags on all my clothing. My style is currently going through a renovation; I want change.

I am a Beauty and Fashion Youtuber. I’m aspiring to be a lot of things. But right now I’m focusing on teaching myself fashion design, while I learn the business side of fashion in college. I’m also minoring in photography, which I’m really excited about.  Becoming a fashion photographer is one of my many career aspirations.

Ever since I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry. This desire dates before I knew Project Runway was a thing, and I didn’t have an interest in the glamour of magazines at the time. I started drawing clothing as a way to keep myself entertained while my grandma spent her last years in and out of the hospital.  As I got older I fell in love with the behind the scenes of fashion. I always find the process more interesting than the end product when it comes to fashion.

I am a social activist; I believe that we can one day achieve true gender, racial, economic and justice equality. I believe change will happen when people admit there is a problem in the United States when it comes to race. I hope that one day women of color will all love their features, skin tone and hair texture and we will live in a society that loves them, too. I decided to stop receiving relaxers and really embrace my natural hair texture when I realized I was doing it to conform to a beauty standard that wasn’t for me. I hope that I can one day help as many women as possible learn to love themselves.