Hey Fashionistas/os! My name is Julia O’Brien, and I’m back for another semester!  I run on the three C’s: coffee, chocolate and carbs, and I spend more time on Netflix than I’d like to admit. When it comes to fashion, I think it’s something to have fun with! I’m all for taking fashion risks because that’s how I think really creative and unique outfits are put together. I’m all for looking cute on a budget, so shopping at thrift stores is my go-to. In fact, some of my favorite (and most quirky) pieces of clothing and accessories are from thrift stores. If there was one way to describe my fashion style, it would be always changing. I don’t have a stagnant look. I may dress boho one day and the next could be more of an edgy look. It really depends on how I’m feeling and, let’s be honest, how much effort I’m willing to put in (we all have those lazy days). Although, there is an exception to that statement. The one look I will always rock is what I like to call my “Grandma aesthetic”: big, vintage (and I’ll admit, sometimes kitschy) sweaters and my big round glasses.

I was only a ’90s kid for the first five years of my life, so I’m pretty stoked that the ’90s look is coming back in so that I can get a chance to wear it. Lately my outfits have been heavily inspired by the ’90s, and this look borrows a bit from the popular grunge style. I’m obsessed with my Docker’s distressed flannel, which is probably one of my proudest thrift store finds! For this look, I decided to wear my high-waisted, black denim mini skirt, which I paired with over-the-knee socks and gray high tops. The cherry on the top of this outfit happens to be a cherry colored, velvet choker. C’mon, it’s a ’90s look, you’ve got to have a choker.

I also want to note that this semester I’m studying abroad in Wellington, New Zealand. It’s so cool to see how the fashion compares to what’s worn back in the States. Get ready to see some blogs from me featuring the styles from abroad!