STYLE GURU BIO: Jodie Kincaid

STYLE GURU BIO: Jodie Kincaid

Hey all! My name is Jodie, and this is my first time around as a Style Guru. I was born and raised in California, so I love the sunshine and truly hate wearing layers! My home is in the Bay Area, but I attend Occidental College down in Los Angeles. I am about to begin my third year working towards a degree in economics with a minor in mathematics. My hope is that this internship will give me a much needed outlet for my creative side.

I’ve always loved fashion. I used to play fashion designer and would make clothes for my Barbies. Today, I enjoy painting with watercolors and altering clothes to suit me personally. I believe that fashion is more than just clothes. Fashion is powerful; it makes a statement and creates confidence. A killer pair of shoes can change anybody’s attitude.

I’m always online shopping—seriously. I won’t buy anything, but I can spend hours browsing and gathering ideas for future outfits. When I decide to pull the trigger on an item, it is after much consideration. I always feel most confident when I am comfortable and true to my style. You can usually find me rocking chipped nail polish and stubbly legs, but you can bet my shoes are cute!

I am a big believer in sustainable fashion. Ethical fashion brands tend to be pricier, so I do a fair share of sorting through thrift stores for great pieces to give a second life. It’s easy on the environment and on my wallet!

I’m super excited for this semester, and I hope you’ll be waiting to hear more from me!