Hi guys! My name is Jizi Lu. I am a junior at Claremont McKenna College majoring in economics. I am super excited to be a Style Guru this semester. I am originally from Beijing, China. Since the beginning of last year, I have been writing articles about fashion on different Chinese social media websites. This will be my first time writing about styles and fashion in English. My passion has always been helping and encouraging girls to feel good about themselves.

When I was young, my classmates always teased me about my look or the way I dressed. I was never able to feel confident. Over the years, I started to realize that it does not matter how other people see me or judge me. What matters is how I see myself, so I started to explore different styles and learn about fashion. I want to feel confident and beautiful, and I want all other girls to feel the same way. To me, fashion is not just a way of expressing my life, but it is also a way to empower myself.

My style is leaning towards both cute and sophisticated. I believe in “less is more,” but I also adore ladylike silhouettes with simple colors. I love dressing up and like to keep up with the latest trends. In this look, I am wearing a sweater dress from Maje. This awesome pair of boots is from Stuart Weitzman. They are super comfortable. Another interesting fact about these photos is that they were taken at the amazing and iconic pink Paul Smith wall on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.