STYLE GURU BIO: Jillian Waun

When I was young, my mom styled me in all the most fabulous frocks. I had the equivalent of Dr. Marten’s for babies in two colors: red and yellow. Who knew I would be sporting similar ones at 18? Being a Fashionista was basically bred into me. My cousin had taught me to draw detailed figures wearing fancy dresses at the age of seven, and by the time I turned 15, I started dressing the way I wanted to and expressing myself through fashion.

Of course, my style has evolved immensely over the years, and it still is today. I am influenced by everything: the colors I wear depend on my moods, the shoes I sport correspond to the music I listen to, basically everything. I’m obsessed with beautiful portrait photography, modern art, other’s style, cool coffee shops and vintage threads.

All this is condensed into the place I found my voice as a writer and fashionista: my blog, Just Gigi Fashion. Without this platform, I probably wouldn’t be a Style Guru! It’s been a huge part of my world and story; I want it to continue to be that.

Through fashion and my ever-changing style, I want to inspire our generation to be themselves and let passion fuel them. This industry is key to empowering girl, and through blogs, and publications like CollegeFashionista, real college women can speak their mind about absolutely anything. In this generation, we have been given the power of social media, so let’s do something good with it!

My mission as a blogger and Style Guru is to bring you real fashion, from real girls, with really good advice as well. Learning from other Fashionistas and interesting professionals have inspired me to chase my dreams.

Remember to follow along with my College Fashionista journey. Have a beautiful day!