STYLE GURU BIO: Jessica Kovac

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

I’m Jessica, a reality TV addict with a slight tendency to overdraw my bank account when I land on Urban Outfitters‘ website. I am a sophomore at Pace University. Growing up, I was bicoastal. For a long time going it seemed like Los Angeles had my heart. However, as I have aged (gosh, am I really old enough to say that?) New York City only grows higher and higher on my list. On the days where the trains do not suddenly decide to run express, it is awesome. And on the days where a street fair pops up around the corner, it is really awesome. And from a fashion standpoint, no place beats it. It is the one city where fashion happens on the streets, not the runway.

It has taken me a while to develop a unique personal style. I have gone through the awkward stages just like everyone else—hot pink and leopard (oh my)—but just like that I reached a happy medium. My favorite outfits are neutrals paired with subtle pops of color. Risks that pay off without paying off too much. I am also a big fan of hand-me-downs. Call me crazy, but some of my best pieces are from my mother’s closet (note the leather jacket).

I did not grow up like the “typical” Fashionista per se. I did not play dress up and I do not have my heart deadset on one particular fashion magazine or blog. Fashion did not play a role in my life as much as personal style. Personal style got me through the difficult times in my life. I used it to create an identity. The fashion industry helped me build strength and confidence. It has the opportunity to inspire, not simply sell or market a product. With my articles on CollegeFashionista I hope to share other stories of inspiration through personal style.

I am so excited to be returning as a Style Guru this semester. Look out for my articles every Tuesday!