STYLE GURU BIO: Jessi Simpson

STYLE GURU BIO: Jessi Simpson

A new semester, a new Style Guru bio, a new me.

I’m thrilled to be back for my second semester with CollegeFashionista. I am attending Illinois State University School of Art pursuing a Bachelor degree in studio arts. As a fine arts major, I am constantly finding inspiration in the art department, both for my artistic studies and fashion. My peers influence my styling decisions and give me ideas to electrify my appearance. The bag that I choose for this outfit is a ’70s inspired flouncy fringe duffle bag. It is perfect for girls like me who enjoy the luxury of having essential products handy during the day. My signature to every outfit is matching eye shadow. Makeup is absolutely necessary to tie any loose ends to a look.  I applied NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the color “milk” to my eyelids and lashes. White eyes bring a cool fresh look for the new year. My hair is styled naturally curly with a top knot bun. I enjoy trying out unique hairstyles that are trendy. I have always avoided following the crowd and this look makes the statement that I am a trend setter! 

A statement piece is crucial to an outfit and is a component of a successful wardrobe collection. My statement piece in this look is my botanically inspired bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are perfect transitional pieces to start the year off right. The satin texture gives the jacket a lux look, while the athletic collar brings a cool vibe. Two detailed chokers help accentuate the relaxed, yet functional ensemble. Black booties and a nice pair of bleached jeans are great contrasting pieces that compliment each other. As a Fashionista, my goals this semester are to create harmonious looks that represent the artist and clean cut girl that I am! Here’s to a RAD Semester!



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