STYLE GURU BIO: Jesse Fallon

May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello all! My name is Jesse. I’m heading into my senior year at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, where I’m studying Communications with a minor in Spanish. I am overjoyed at the opportunity to join the CollegeFashionista team as a Style Guru this summer! One of the best things about going to school in Los Angeles is the constant exposure to diverse fashion perspectives. I find myself inspired by someone new each day. I cannot wait to take a closer look at the unique style of my fellow Fashionista and Fashionisto classmates through the lens of my camera this summer.

Fashion was a passion of mine from an early age. As a child, my personal style was a direct testament to my boisterous personality. I used to prance around in my favorite frilly Pocahantas bathing suit and decorate my aunt’s hair with as many accessories as I could attach to her head—whether they were actually meant for hair or not. By the age of 10, I was the personal designer and stylist for about 20 Barbie dolls and had compiled a binder full of my “sketches,” appropriately titled “My Fashion Designs.” Over the years, my personality has tamed a bit, as I evolved into the laid back California girl I am today. However, my desire to be bold and take chances with my style has always remained the same. In this way, fashion has provided a constant source of empowerment for me.

It’s hard to put my personal style into words because it evolves and grows with me. One thing I always strive to do is to keep a balance between embracing trends and staying true to myself. I’ll be the first to test out a new trend, and the first to bring an old one back. Just like in life, in fashion, sometimes you just have to do you! Right now, I’m feeling very inspired by the expert minimalists Aimee Song of Song of Style and Julie Sariñana of Sincerely, Jules. Some items I’ve been rocking this summer are: cape dresses, leather backpacks, flatform sandals and mirrored sunglasses.

I’m so excited to inspire and be inspired these next couple months. Join me on my journey, and look forward to seeing new posts from me every Wednesday!