Hello fellow Fashionistas! I’m Jessa, and I am entering my second semester as a fashion design major at the Fashion Institute of Technology, more commonly known as FIT. Every time you walk up and down our little block of 27th Street is like a fashion show, so just being able to hold your own and keep up with the trends is like a second full-time gig on top of being a student.

In what little free time I do have, I can be found exploring the city (especially all the fun and unique spots in the Lower East Side and East Village), discovering thrift stores and flea markets for the latest one-of-a-kind find, taking in an indie film, browsing the amazing museums, and snapping pictures around the urban jungle.

I’m here in New York City and at FIT to pursue my dream of someday becoming a costume designer, and my style definitely reflects this passion. I tend to favor color, print, quirky accessories or anything bold and dramatic.

This ensemble perfectly combines all of those loves into a look that has become a personal favorite. The yellow moto-style jacket has become a staple in my wardrobe ever since I snagged it at a thrift store because of its bright (and my favorite) color, warmth, and versatility.

The earrings, belt and pins are also all vintage. I found these pins and about a dozen others I bought in a roadside army-navy store my dad and brother forced me to stop in on the way back from a trip to North Carolina. The owner had cork boards and bins full of them, which it turned out he acquired in a trade for a car engine. It just goes to show – you really never can tell when or where you’ll find a fun and stylish piece!

Yes, the pin with the lips on it says “World’s Greatest Lover” – the jury is still out on this claim, but I wear the pin with pride anyway.

The polka dot dress I made myself, inspired by one of Lucille Ball’s classic dresses from
I Love Lucy. The circle skirt allows for some really fun movement while twirling, which is a huge bonus. What girl does not love to twirl every once in awhile?

My white pumps are the one item in this look that you can find in stores – look for Jessica Simpson’s Claudette heel in white at Macy’s or Lord and Taylor.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about me and my look Fashionistas, I can’t wait to give you glimpses into the fast-paced fashion scene of NYC!