STYLE GURU BIO: Jennifer Mota

June 1st, 2016 at 2:00am
Hola my fellow Fashionistas/os, My name is Jennifer Mota, I am a communication studies major with a profound love for making swimwear and I’m back for the summer!
My first semester with College Fashionista went great and I’m super excited to move forward as a style guru. I’m originally from Manhattan, but I was raised and live in sweet Philadelphia. There are many reasons to love this city, but the number one reason I do is the culture. Its a huge melting pot of different ethnicities, sub-cultures, music tastes and fashion styles.
I believe all of those things really influence my style and aesthetic. This past year, I played a lot with neutrals and had a very minimal look. I love incorporating at least one thrifted item on my outfits. In this ensemble, I’m rocking my vintage mom jeans. I found this item at a local thrift store for three dollars and it was love at first sight!
This outfit is super comfy for a day out. The off-the-shoulder top isn’t really a top, it’s a dress. I tucked it in to give it the illusion of an off-the-shoulder bodysuit. I paired it with my olive green lace-up TOMS shoes. I really like how the shoes complement my top because the laces are the exact color of the dress. The finishing touch of course is my Cleopatra-inspired necklace.
I still hope to one day incorporate my love for vintage fashion and swimwear design with my communication studies journey. Putting outfits together is an art in my case.