STYLE GURU BIO: Jennifer Miller

Hello to all my Fashionistas/os out there! My name is Jenny and I am a Fashion Design major from Philadelphia University! I have always been in love with websites such as CollegeFashionista because they are such a great outlet to see how people are translating runway trends in their own styles. That is why I am so excited to be a Style Guru this summer, so I can show off all of the amazing Fashionistas out there!

Fashion design is such an important part in my life; I am so inspired by the people I see all day. I have always enjoyed styling people, shopping and looking at trends and how they fit different body types. The main passion driving me in the fashion design industry is my desire to create designs that are beautiful and stylish for all body types. That is exactly why being a Style Guru is so important, because I am able to show what real bodies look like and how they make the runway trends their very own.

My style has defiantly changed over the years as I still continue to experiment with all the interesting trends that come out every season. I have always been attracted to clothing that is delicate and feminine, yet casual. Mixing materials such as chambray and denim with a light colored tulle and a delicate lace skirt is my kind of style. I think this look fits me so well because I love having true balance in my outfits. The denim and tulle embrace each other well, so that one doesn’t over power one. Adding the nude pointed toe flats with a very edgy and studded hand clutch makes this outfit fit my feminine style with a slight casual edge!

I cannot wait to show you all the amazing people on the streets of Philadelphia and all of the amazing personal styles I stumble uplon!