STYLE GURU BIO: Jenna Gulick

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Jenna Gulick, and after this summer, I’ll be a third year senior at the University of California, Los Angeles. To think I’ll be graduating with an English degree a year from now seems crazy, but I believe in making the most of every moment within a community.

UCLA offers some incredible opportunities like iconic Rose Bowl games, cutting-edge classes, pre-screened movies and celebrity sightings. Yet the most incredible aspect of this institution, especially for someone with aspirations to work in culture and fashion, is the city itself. Don’t get me wrong—Los Angeles can be complicated. It takes drive, friends and flat shoes in your purse to navigate day after day. But the city’s opportunities burst with potential. Besides attending school and writing for CollegeFashionista the past three quarters, I’ve discovered awesome work opportunities. I’ve styled and worked editorially for Pasadena Magazine, and I’m a sportswriter on campus. I co-founded a campus blog and just concluded an exciting internship with Teva and a communications company. Most recently, I landed a truly amazing job with a fashion start-up, and I have internships with WhoWhatWear and a wonderful non-profit set up for summer.

Coming into college, I dreamt of paving the way for my career. I feel so blessed to have encountered just the right opportunities for achieving growth in an industry where experience is key. I’ve also been happy to discover that old stigmas about working in fashion and media aren’t nearly universally true. If you look in the right places, many people in fashion are kind, genuinely excited, warm and so-not-very Devil Wears Prada. 

As for the fun stuff, I have always been passionate about fashion, but recent trends are particularly dear to my heart. A-line skirts, wide legged pants, ’70s homages and structured hats make me seriously excited. I can’t help but love that fashion currently praises the sophistication and timelessness that can make women deeply proud.

My schnauzer mix is named Casey Rae, and my 16-year-old sister definitely steers me in the “cool” department. I’m lucky to have the sweetest parents ever, and my boyfriend plays soccer at school in the Bay Area. I love salmon, old Raymond Chandler books, ankle booties, the L.A. Kings and, because they complete every sentence-long biography, long walks on the beach.

My outfit for this introduction includes a trusty denim top and my seasonal favorites, patterned flares. It was the biggest compliment when my friend noted I could be on a ’60s or ’70s Life cover. Happiness, nostalgia and color just charm me every time. Enjoy some stylish pleasure reading this summer, and stay rad with CollegeFashionista! I’ll have a new article up every Thursday.