STYLE GURU BIO: Jenelle Sisco

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey what’s up hello! My name is Jenelle Sisco and I am so excited to be a Style Guru from the PNW! I am a junior at Gonzaga University and I am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations & Supply Chain Management. In the past couple of years, fashion has gone from something I just had an interest in to a possible career option as I near graduation!

Since this is a bio, here are some quick facts about me. I work at Nordstrom every time I go home and it’s been off and on for about two years now. I’m actually typing this while on my lunch break. I try to go a day without coffee, but it really doesn’t work. I was a Pre-Med major before I switched to Business. I love the sound of heels. I have a dog named Oreo. My brother and I are 17 months apart and he’s way cooler than me. I’m from a suburb around Seattle. My main inspirations for style are Seattle and London street style blogs. I am OBSESSED with YouTube and I am hoping to start a channel soon!

The great Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal” and through this blogging journey you will totally see that my style has some eternal quirks. I LOVE the color black. It looks good on everyone and it so easy to work with as the base of an outfit. I like its basic-ness, but there is something so edgy and classic about it too. To give you more of an idea about my style, menswear-inspired pieces are a big influence in my day-to-day wardrobe! There is just something about a huge button up draped over shredded skinnies with some sneakers that I just can’t get over. Lastly, shoes. I love shoes. I love shoes a lot. My shoes are a huge window into my aesthetic and I can never get enough. It just makes an outfit, you know?

I’m wearing what is the epitome of what I love in an outfit. I love playing with texture and this faux fur vest is one of my favorite pieces, which makes me feel so sassy! My lace-up flats are to die for. They are super trendy right now and are a nice replacement to the heels that I wear constantly. The menswear piece in this outfit happens to be my “boyfriend” jeans. Seriously, these are my most comfortable pair. Whoever decided to make this a trend, you’re my hero.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my little part in this amazing bigger picture!