STYLE GURU BIO: Jena Bezesky

January 6th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hey there trendsetters, my name is Jena Bezesky and I am psyched to return as a Style Guru for the spring of 2016. Last summer I had the exciting opportunity to write for CollegeFashionista and I am more than ready to get back into the game! I have greatly missed having a creative outlet where I could combine two of my favorite things: fashion and photography!

Since the last time I wrote for CollegeFashionsita, my life has gone through several changes. Now that I am in my third-year of studying public relations at the University of Florida, my courses have increased in workload and difficulty. I have also completed an internship and even started working a new part-time job. I suppose you could say that my schedule is a tad jam-packed!

In my program of study there is always a strong emphasis placed upon professionalism and networking. I have been told by countless professors that you can never anticipate the people that you will meet and what career opportunities may come your way in life! Taking that advice to heart, I have started to dress with the mindset that I may see my future employer at any given time of the day.

My time in college has marked the transition from my teenage years into fledgling adulthood. Long gone are the graphic T-shirts and short-shorts that I had leftover from high school! For my STYLE GURU BIO post, I wore a plain T-shirt with a pair of slightly-ripped jeans and boots. I incorporated a trendy bowler hat and choker to keep the outfit youthful. To balance, I then added heels and a simple top to bring an element of grown-up maturity to the look. This is a prime example of what my casual go-to style tends to be lately. This look is the ideal getup for anyone who wants to keep up a professional persona when off the clock.

So please come join me as I turn a page into my next chapter of being a Style Guru. I cannot wait to share all of the inspiring Fashionistas/os that I find here in Gainesville this spring!