STYLE GURU BIO: Jayna Taylor-Smith

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Let me tell you a story of a girl who wanted to take her middle school dress code of polos and any pants that passed the fingertip test to the next level. She decided one day to pair a yellow polo top with light blue Bermuda’s and add to the mix her new pair of knee-high yellow and blue stripped socks. When she came home that day, her sisters made fun of her and asked her if it was Wacky Tacky Day, but she didn’t care, she owned her knee-high striped socks because it made her happy.

Hi world, my name is Jayna Taylor-Smith and I still love those yellow and blue socks! I always think back to this day because it reminds me that fashion doesn’t have to be so serious. There are no set rules to style because you can make your own rules based on how you want to express yourself. If the clothes on your back make you happy, then who cares if other people like it or not? My most essential accessory that I wear with every outfit is confidence. With my chin held high and a pep in my step, I know I could make a potato sack couture or edgy.

This is my first semester writing for College Fashionista and with my future goal being to write/edit for fashion and beauty magazines, this experience is just what I need!

Originally from Pembroke Pines, Florida which is a typical suburban town, I am now a freshman at the University of Florida in Gainesville (five hours north of my hometown). In these next four years I’ll be majoring in Journalism while earning a minor in Innovation through the Innovation Academy. This one of a kind program allows me to work with students from a medley of different majors to create novel yet practical products.This program has been a great way for me to let my creative juices flow and allow me to learn in a more intimate setting.

Having two older sisters who are complete opposites to me when it comes to fashion, my style is a unique blend of comfort while still expressing myself. I love spending my days in cut-offs and my favorite Gator T-shirt, but I love dressing up too. Though my 8:30 a.m. classes see me in my favorite joggers, hoodie and Nike’s, by my 12 p.m. class I’m ready to take on the world in a cute pair of harem pants, a simple tank top and my favorite Anne Klein sandals.

It’s going to be so exciting spotting Fashionistas/os on campus these next few months, but the best part will be sharing them all with you!