STYLE GURU BIO: Jayla Andrulonis

May 25th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hey there, fellow fashion fiends! My name is Jayla Andrulonis and I am a junior at Penn State University where I study Advertising in the College of Communications, and I previously studied Journalism. Last summer I worked as a Fashion Intern at Inked Magazine in New York City where I discovered my passion for styling and fashion.  I am so excited to introduce myself as a Style Guru for this upcoming summer semester and look forward to all it has in store.

Although I love my school, the downfall is that there is not a curriculum that focuses on my interest for fashion and style. My search for an outlet to express my own style evolution and hone my writing abilities is exactly what brought me to CollegeFashionista. I am beyond thrilled to showcase the unique styles of my Penn State peers as well as share my own style advice and anecdotes along the way.

I would like to think that my experimental attitude toward style dates back to my early youth when my favorite accessory of choice was a mangled Pocahontas costume wig that I would wear outside of the house regularly. To this day, I am thankful to my parents for their full acceptance of my creative exploration even if it meant getting odd looks while at the grocery store with yours truly.

I find it difficult to sum up my personal style. My look has the ability to change with my mood and the things that I am currently finding inspiration in. Sometimes I get into a very witchy, Stevie Nicks inspired vibe and adore all things lace and bell sleeved. Next thing you know I am wearing a pair of Converse with a more urban, sporty inspired look going on. On more days than not it is safe to say that I’ll be wearing an outfit comprised of mostly black clothing. No matter how hard I try to push myself towards color, the heart wants what it wants and black clothing and I meet up in the dressing room every single time.

I have always seen fashion as something you should have fun with. There’s absolutely no need to put yourself into a box! Every day you have the ability to project whatever version of yourself you want into the world and that is a very powerful thing. Style is essentially a tool of self-exploration that everyone has access to if they’re brave enough.

I look forward to further exploring my own style evolution while showcasing my fellow fashion focused peers at Penn State this summer. I hope you come along for the ride!