STYLE GURU BIO: Jasmine Saenz

“Guess who’s back, back again.”

It’s me, if you haven’t already taken a wild guess. I’m so incredibly excited to be returning to CollegeFashionista! A new semester to tackle on new classes, new weather and, of course, new fashion.

My name is Jasmine Saenz. I’m currently entering into my second semester as a sophomore at the University of Missouri. Now, a lot of you may not be able to point out the state of Missouri on a map but, yes people do really live here. Out of about 35,000 students, I’m ready to find some of my fashion-forward peers.

I’m studying journalism with a minor in textile and apparel management. Therefore, CollegeFashionista is the perfect blend of what I love to do. I’ve always had an interest in fashion while constantly switching my wardrobe and unfortunately hurting my bank account along the way.

I would describe my style as very eclectic because sticking to one category is never any fun. It limits all the risks you can take. I like to use a little bit of everything from everywhere to put together outfits. Therefore, I don’t have a particular favorite store. Of course, I do tend to repeatedly visit some stores more than others, such as Zara, T.J. Maxx, and H&M. Although, I do give every store a fair chance. I think what truly makes the outfit is the jewelry you choose to add and the makeup you choose to rock. This makes it unique and specific to you.

I hope you found me enjoyable enough to continue coming back monthly for my fashion updates. I promise, you won’t regret it!