STYLE GURU BIO: Jasmine Mirajkar

Hello. Bonjour. Ciao. Namaste. I’m Jasmine, a woman in love with experiencing different cultures on all platforms and someone who is comprised of different cultures, too. Traveling to India, France and Italy this past summer truly solidified this passion within me. I’ve drawn my inspiration for my personal style from the chappals of India, striped simplicity of France and elegant architecture of Italy. Seeing how each country thrived through their art, culture and fashion, I put a little cultural flair into every step I take now.

I was born in Seattle with a cultural sense already instilled in my blood. My mother is Swedish, French and German, while my father is Indian and Persian. I moved to Boise and graduated high school there, which is exactly where my love of fashion came into play. I’ve always travelled to and been in touch with the cultures I’m composed of; naturally, I’m majoring in social science, which includes communications and sociology, as well as having a minor in French. I flourish when meeting new people and getting to know who they are, so having social science as my major has proven to be more than perfect for the relationships I have with people. As for French, I fall more in love with the language and culture each day I open “mon livre.”

As for my style, I love casual and chic outfits. Some days, I’ll be feeling an oversized striped shirt and boyfriend jeans with a baseball cap made of suede and felt. I might throw on some dark denim to pair with my mules, a style taken from French minimalism. I may also put on pants inspired by Indian textiles and their rich colors.  Style is best described by someone confident with what they’re wearing and pulling it off in the same breath. I’m beyond excited to find those kinds of people and write about their taste in vogue.

I’ve seen the world through the window of an airplane, and I’m ready to step out on the cobblestone streets again to seek for those people who will inspire. Because after all… Style introduces you before you even speak.