STYLE GURU BIO: Jasmin Thawani

STYLE GURU BIO: Jasmin Thawani

Before I start my semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, it is important that I introduce myself. My name is Jasmin Thawani and I attend Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I am a supply chain management and marketing science major and an economics minor.

To me, style is a very important way in which people express themselves. Though trends themselves vary by location in the world, each person has their own way of personalizing each trend. I am an avid people-watcher, mostly because I love to see what people are wearing and how some of their quirks are reflected in what look they are sporting at that particular moment.

The first time I flew on a plane was when I was three months old, so naturally I’ve loved traveling since a very young age. Each summer of my childhood was spent visiting family in a different location on the globe. So far I have visited India, Canada, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Hong Kong, Chile and Dubai, some even multiple times. Having family that lives all over the world is so amazing because it makes it possible for me to take trips and not feel like a complete tourist. One of the coolest things about visiting other countries is observing the difference in trends abroad. I always buy some type of clothing or accessory whenever I travel so that I can incorporate a trend from somewhere else in the world into my personal style.

Coffee is a part of my lifestyle. I love making quick coffee runs to my local Dunkin’ Donuts/Starbucks as well as taking trips to interesting cafés. Though I’ve basically become immune to the effects of coffee by the end of the semester from drinking it so much, I will always love the taste of a strong coffee. Whether I’m trying a new blend or getting my regular order, each cup of coffee is so worth it.

Personally, I love wearing neutral colors and pairing them with a complementing accessory. I believe that with the right statement piece, an outfit can look a thousand times better. My favorite accessories are bold and unique, mostly eye-catching.

What I’m wearing: white button-up shirt (Primark), jean capris (Simply Vera by Vera Wang), Galapagos Collar (Baublebar), lace-up suede heels (Primark), Kiss and Tell Sunnies (Quay Australia).