STYLE GURU BIO: Janet Morales

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey everyone! My name is Janet Morales and I will be a senior at Pacific Union College this coming fall. My major is communications with an emphasis in Journalism. This will be my fourth term writing for CollegeFashionista.

I’ve always had an interest in fashion and that passion and drive to work in the fashion industry was asserted when I spent a year abroad last school year in the city of Florence, Italy. I was also able to travel to London, Paris and Germany. Seeing European fashion first hand was very impactful. The street style in Europe was absolutely incredible. The culture, architecture, food and lifestyle are so different and so amazing.

I’ve taken inspiration from my travels and added some of it to my own style. For example, some of the bracelets on my wrist are from Italy, so it’s a constant reminder of my time there and also a reminder of what my goals are. I also like incorporating classic pieces like a striped T-shirt, blazer or trench coat. My style is very classic and timeless, but I also like to personalize it with accessories like jewelry. I’m also very partial to the color black because it works for every occasion and it’s very elegant.

Since beginning this internship a year ago, I have learned so much from CollegeFashionista. My writing skills have improved and I have more of a social media presence now. It has been a wonderful opportunity and I’m continuously improving my skills. I can’t wait to report back all the street style happening this summer in my hometown of Portland, OR. Look out for new articles every Thursday.