Greetings my lovely Fashionistas/os, it’s Jamie and I’m excited to be back for another rad semester of Style Guru fun! This year, I’ll be coming up on my senior year studying fashion and retail merchandising, so I’m thrilled to be able to share all my knowledge with you fellow fashion lovers.

Let me take a moment and share a few things about myself. First thing you’ll probably notice about me, I’m short. When I say short, I mean I’m just under five feet. I am constantly singing to myself, I’ve played the piano since I was four, I have one tattoo (hopefully more to come), a closet full of distressed denim and more makeup than a makeup artist should even own. I would kill for a good cup of coffee at all times and my heart is full when thinking of cute restaurants, sunflowers and unicorns.

Going to a fashion school, I feel inspired by everything around me, and with the incredible city of Boston right around the corner, my possibilities are endless. I’ve done my fair share of traveling throughout my 21 years of life and I promise you additional cities will continue to be checked off that travel list. Recently, I made one of the most spontaneous decisions of my life and purchased a ticket to one of the most magical places, only imaginable in a dreamer’s world, Coachella. As we all know, Coachella not only thrives off their array of live music, but their fashion and I cannot wait to be able to get to share with you my personal experience among all these trendy music lovers.

Let’s make this semester a stylish one my beautiful Fashionistas. Be sure to keep up with what I have in store. Stay RAD!